Chapter members at Meadow Croft, Sayville, NY

Would you like to join the DAR?

The first thing to know is that there are only the following requirements to join the DAR:

“Any woman 18 years or older may join the DAR by documenting her lineage to an ancestor, either male or female, who aided the cause of American independence through military, civil, or patriotic service.”

Where are you in making this decision?

    • Have you had family stories handed down to you about an ancestor who was active in the Revolutionary War, but you don’t have any hard facts?

    • Have you been researching your family history and discovered an ancestor who participated in the Revolution?

    • Were you told your great grandmother was a member, but you don’t have any information on her membership or the ancestor she joined under?

    • Have you reached a point where you believe you are close to proving your lineage and would like to know whether you need more proof or have enough to apply?

    • Would you like to talk to someone about your decision or your research progress?

No matter where you are in your research or your decision, our chapter officers and members will be happy to help you. We can advise you as to whether you have more research to do and may have some suggestions on where to look for the records. We will be happy to offer as much guidance as needed through the application process.

We love to hear from prospective members and tell them about our chapter’s activities, but most of all, we like to tell them about the wonderful interaction, support, and fun we get out of our group, and the pride we feel when we carry out a project that benefits others in our community.

Chapter members at St. George's Manor, Mastic, NY

Chapter members at William Floyd Estate, Mastic, NY

Chapter members at Col. Josiah Smith Cemetery, East Moriches, NY